Let’s see how to create a Quiz using all advanced options features.

  1. Go to your FreshLMS account
  2. Click on Quiz/Assessment
  3. Select Create Assessment button

  1. Pop up will be appear
  2. Give the Name for Assessment
  3. Click on Next
  4. That’s it your assessment was created and saved

  1. Adding the Background colour and music for the whole quiz

  1. Customise the Welcome screen.
  2. Adding of Color or Background Image for Welcome screen using the settings option
  3. Adjust the headings with by changing the text and colour of the text heading option
  4. Button Text and Color can be changed with just 3 clicks using the button option
  1. Save the details of the quiz takers
  2. Option to have the lead generation form either before or after the quiz
  3. Possibility of adding background image and colour for the quiz
  4. Flexibility to change the text and colour on the form from settings option.
  5. Button Text and Color can be changed with just 3 clicks using the button option
  6. More than 2 fields can be added on the lead generation form using fields option

  1. Adding questions can be customisable
  2. The timer can be added for the questions
  3. Use a specific image on each question

  1. A lot of options on Answer customisation
  2. The answer can be either Image or text.
  3. Answer type can be chosen either single or Multi answer
  4. Adding more than 4 options using the button “Add option”

  1. Customisation of Results and Thankyou page exists.
  2. Adding the background for the image on the quiz is possible
  3. Add the title and description on the results page
  4. Answers can be shown on the format of both percentage or Value
  5. Flexible to showcase the answers
  6. Flexible to showcase the Results score
  7. Option to change the image for the results as per the score-wise
  8. Adding the social sharing buttons exist.

What’s Next:

1. Learn how to assign an assessment to course.

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