Landing Page:

There are a lot of options exists in the Landing page section. Let’s check out one by one.

  1. View Settings:

You can add the cover Image on the course landing page. For that,

  1. Click on Image Button.
  2. Choose your file (For Best View upload image of dimension should be 1400*600)
  3. Upload the Image
  4. Add Heading for the Course.

You can also add an introductory video on the course landing page. For that,

  1. Click on Video Button.
  2. Choose your file.
  3. Upload the Video.
  4. Add Heading for the Course.

B. Course Description Settings:

Add the Course description by just adding your content in the box.

C. Enrol Button

Feasibility to change the text on the enrol button.

D.Author Settings

Add the Author Name and the brief description of the authors.

  1. Click on the Landing page
  2. Select Author Settings
  3. Choose a Single or Multi-author for the course
  4. Add a description for the authors.


Let’s see how to set up the Marketing section.

  1. Click on the Marketing section.
  2. Add Page title
  3. Add Meta description
  4. Upload the Image
  5. Add the Google Analytics or Tag Manager code, Facebook Pixel code or any other third party scripts.

F. Testimonial:

To set up the Testimonial for the course.

  1. Select the Testimonials
  2. Add the Ratings ( from 1 to 5 )
  3. Add the Name.
  4. Drop the comment.

G. Terms and Conditions:

Add Terms and conditions for the course.

What’s Next:

1. Learn how to activate payment gateway

2. Learn to Customize Checkout Page

3. Learn how to White Label Sales Landing Page

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