With the help of integrations, admin can connect to any of the CRM tools with just a few simple steps.

Log in with the email address and password associated with your Zapier account, or click "Sign Up!" to start your free trial of a Premium Zapier account.

Click on this link to access FreshLMS in your Zapier account.

Scroll down the page and click the “Login to Accept Invite” button (if you’re not logged in.) Else, click the “Accept Invite & Build a Zap” button.

  1. To choose the right and required integration just go to FreshLMS account.
  2. Go to settings and Choose Zapier
  3. Select the Integrations
  4. Now click on Enable Zapier

Now click on the “Create Zap

Type FreshLMS in the search box and select.

To get your API key just Log in to FreshLMS account and click on the user profile you get the API key.

Copy your API key and Paste. After that click “Yes, Continue.”

You will now have 6 Trigger options that can be picked.

  1. New Member: It will trigger where a New Member is added to your account.
  2. New Enrollment: It will trigger when a member enrolls for a course
  3. New Transaction: It will trigger when a member makes a payment for a course
  4. Member Update: It will trigger when a member profile is updated
  5. Course Completed: It will trigger when a member completes 100% of course
  6. Chapter Completed: It will trigger when a member completes a chapter

Select one of them and click on “Continue

Click on “Skip Test” or you can even Test for the records by click on Test & Review.

Choose your “Automation Tool”. Just for an explanation, we picked Mailchimp. You can pick any application.

Now Choose your action event as “Add/Update Subscriber” and click on “Continue

Now sign in to your “CRM Account” and select your ID and click on “Continue

Now fill out the required fields and switch on the Zap.

That’s it your Zap was added successfully with your CRM tool.

Go ahead and create your own Zap Now with FreshLMS and send data to your favorite systems :)

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