Free Preview is a way to give a sneak peek of your course to the learners who are interested in buying your course.

  1. Make Some Chapters NOT available for Free Preview

You may have a lot of modules and each module can have a lot of chapters. But you want only a few chapters to be available for Free Preview. You can achieve this very easily.

Just click on the lock icon you see against the chapter name. The moment you click on the lock, the chapter is not available for the member unless he/she pays for the course.

2. Do Not Show Free Preview Option at all

Many times you might have courses where you do not want to give the Free Preview. You can do that set in just one click in FreshLMS.

Go to Course -> Landing Page -> Button Settings. You will see the option

Show Free Preview Button. Just disable it if you do not want to have Free Preview for the given course.

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