The catalog lets you group the courses and show them together in one go. Learners can easily have a look at all the courses you have published and then go in detail to the specific course he/she likes.

The creation of a catalog is very easy. Just follow the following steps

Catalog Creation

  1. Click on Add Catalog and give a name of your choice to the catalog.
  2. Once you give a name and click create, you will see the following screen

3. In Settings, You can give the following

a. Heading of the catalog

b. Description of the catalog

c. Add Image for the catalog

4. Pick Courses: Here you pick the courses you wish to show as a part of the catalog.

5. Marketing Section: Give the page title, description, and image you wish to show when someone shares the catalog.

6. Domain Manager: You can white label the URL on which the catalog is displayed. This way the catalog will open up on the URL of your choice.

You can create multiple catalogs of your choice 😃

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