With the help of Actions in Zapier, You can pass data into FreshLMS in few clicks. Lets get started

Log in with the email address and password associated with your Zapier account, or click "Sign Up!" to start your free trial of a Premium Zapier account.

Click on this link to access FreshLMS in your Zapier account.

Scroll down the page and click the “Login to Accept Invite” button (if you’re not logged in.) Else, click the “Accept Invite & Build a Zap” button.

Select the application from which you want to push the data. In this scenario, we have taken up the Google Sheets.

The next section is to connect the google sheets (or application of your choice) to FreshLMS. In this case, it is FreshLMS (2.0.0)

To get your API key just Log in to FreshLMS account and click on the user profile you get the API key.

Copy your API key and Paste. After that click “Yes, Continue.”

You will now have 2 Action options that can be picked.

  1. Create Member: This action lets you create a member into the FreshLMS account.

2. Enroll Member to Course: This action lets you enroll a member and its payment details to the course.

To find the course id, you have to just go to the course and click on share and find the id there.

Select one of them and click on “Continue” and finish the zap creation

Go ahead and create your own Zap Now with FreshLMS

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