Special Black Friday Offer: Lifetime pricing plan + Unlimited everything + Onetime payment

Lifetime pricing plan + Unlimited everything + Onetime payment

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Ready for a Teachable alternative? Course Creators are moving their courses to Fresh LMS for advanced features and accessible course creation experience that truly is phenomenal.

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This is great for course developers I tried them all: Thinkific, Teachable and ThriveTemes. But FreshLMS is really best in class. Easy to deploy and having almost all functionalities at a fraction of the cost of those large and knows systems.

Above all their user support is amazing. Even on Sundays reaction to my questions under 5 minutes 😳

Expert in building chatbots

“Working with the FreshLMS team has been like breathing Fresh Air. They are proactive and supportive to the extent that they moved three courses from teachable to FreshLMS was a great help for me.

The most I like about them is their skin in the game as they earn commission from the sale of the courses. This means its in their interest that you are successful. ”

Peter Dickinson

Managing Director of KUB Academy

Special Offer for Teachable Users

We will move your course from Teachable and get it up and running in Fresh LMS

We’ll handle the move of all your courses, members, payments, enrollments for free. Just sign up and let us know about your teachable account and what you wish to transfer :).  

Pay only $99 onetime and access all premium features

Free forever

While other platforms have complex pricing tiers and short trial periods, we have one: Free forever. A online course platform is a crucial part of running a successful online school business so we want to make the Fresh LMS available to as many creators, academies and small businesses as possible. 

Unlimited Courses | Unlimited Students | Unlimited Members

As your business grows, you'll need more courses, students and storage on your Learning Platform. We strongly believe there should be no hinderance in your growth

Fresh LMS vs Teachable Support Comparison

We never charge you more for the support

Our North Star metric which is measured by every team in Fresh LMS is - Exceptional Customer Support. We do not provide various support level based on the plans you are in. Whether you are on free or on our highest plan, we provide 24 x 6 live support on chat, email and go on to calls to make sure all the queries (if any) are answered properly.

You can test on this by pinging us on chat any time :)  

Very Promising! After being partially spoiled by Teachable, I didn't have high expectations. Yet, the platform was a pleasant surprise. The user interface is clean, simplistic, no unnecessary stuff.

Significant bonus points go to Rahul for being extremely helpful and addressing many questions in real-time via a chat.

Multi Award Business Author, Strategist

Fresh LMS vs Teachable Feature Comparison

We launch new features every other week

We keep launching new features in Fresh LMS every two weeks. The world is changing fast and so should be the platform. Our focus is always to provide the features which help you provide an awesome student experience and generating more sales.

You can test on this by pinging us on chat any time :)  

 Fresh LMS Teachable

Online Digital Store Front

Unlimited Courses

Unlimited Students (Members)

Always Free Plan

Unlimited Storage

24 / 6 support on all plans

Multiple Course Payment Types

Embed content from anywhere (Drive, Amazon S3, etc)

Manual Member Creation & Enrolment

Landing Page Builder


Custom Branding

Professional Dashboard and Reports

"Payment Gateways (Connect directly with your own Payment Gateway)"

Coupon codes

Drip Course content


Course Completion Certificates

Bulk Member Creation


Member Downloads

Report Downloads


Custom Domain

Concierge Service

Custom Email Templates




Coming Soon

Mobile app ( white label )

Coming Soon

Sell your course on different marketplaces (like appsumo)

As a former user of teachable (99 $/M) and LearnDash (189 $/Y) I like the ease of use of FreshLMS. Several support questions had been answered almost lightning-fast and straight to the point.

You are almost immediately able to publish your first course without studying tutorials etc. Almost everything is there, where you would expect it to be.

For this price, to me, it is a big and early Christmas present. :-)

Matthias Schwehm
Business Owner, Life Coach

Concierge migration

We will get your course up and running in Fresh LMS
We’ll handle the move of all your courses, members, payments, enrollments for free. Just sign up and let us know about your teachable account and what you wish to transfer :).  

Ready to Switch?

A no-code platform to create and sell courses under your own personalized online digital storefront in less than 60 minutes.

Creators are loving FreshLMS

We ❤️ our creators

I liked how their actual CEO and Founder took the time to reply and really go through your questions (there's automation yes, but anything you write back to the sequence it's usually Rahul who talks to you), and they're very responsive -- not over 24 hours reply rate.
Dennis A
Co Founder
What I like BEST about FreshLMS is the easy-to-use interface that they built to create courses and quizzes inside the platform. I can easily create a Sales Page for each course right within the platform with its own custom domain. I can also create FREE courses for people or employees to take and complete. They even introduced their own CERTIFICATE creation module which looks great!
Mike Lester R
Systems & Methods Head
FreshLMS is pretty intuitive to use, and in the event that something is not clear the support is fast and efficient!
Andrew B
FreshLMS gives us to upload unlimited courses for our teams to improve ourselves in the team for amazing reasonable pricing.
As a small company that who wants to improve, we create lessons in the team where we upload it to FreshLMS with documentations and small quizzes at the end of each lesson, we continue to improve our inbound team to archive new goals, and with FreshLMS we also create and resell the courses that we have recorded as an outreach income profit for the company.
Hüseyin Cem A
Fresh LMS is a very intuitive platform, even for a person who isn't super tech savvy to set up a course. The support is stellar--the team is responsive round the clock and it's clear they really care about helping each customer, as well as continuously improving the product.
Marissa P
Resume & LinkedIn Profile Writer | Creator
  • Very Intuitive UI - easy to understand and no learning curve involved
  • Support is speedy and responsive.
Sachin S
Adjunct Faculty - Digital Marketing & Entrepreneurship

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